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– Create "splash pages" to promote special offers
– Construct one site that serves multiple purposes for prospects, customers, members, and partners
– Modularize content so your staff can quickly create professional sales collateral, customized proposals, press releases, and other print-on-demand materials
– Cut the cost of printed pieces by keeping text-intensive information online: exhibitor lists, conference descriptions, product specifications, and more

A great website looks good — and works hard. Unfortunately, great Web designers aren't always great marketers. That's why so many beautiful sites miss beautiful business opportunities. And that's why Holtje Communications Group can make such a difference. Call us in to create, update, refresh or rethink your site and count on excellent copy and design, fresh content ideas, and easy navigation. Count on equally beautiful solutions for using your site to build market share, cut business costs, improve customer/member service, and support virtually unlimited growth.


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